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About me

Hi my name is Camille. I am French and I have an even frencher name (can we even say that?) My name is often butchered by non french speakers and trust me I am not offended by that since I butcher numerous words in English. Again this morning while getting into Uber the driver called me CAMI-LEE, I couldn't keep it in and giggled. And last week this woman asked me if I pronounced my name the English or French way. I couldn't help but ask what was the English way. So for that reason I often present myself as Camilla. But meanwhile I still have trouble differentiating G and J (most common french problem) so trust me when I say I am not laughing at English speaking people but with them. I will most likely write things that make no sense at some point so bare with me and blame it on the French. Now enough about my name and languages. I often go off topic and ramble about random stuff, I'll try to stay on TOPIC, I promise.

This blog will be about My Travelling Wardrobe. I moved to Toronto over five years ago and found myself, corny ah? I used to Model and tried that whole scene over here too. Quickly enough I found out that I was passionate about fashion not modelling. As much as I loved (and still love) being behind the camera, I found more happiness in styling other women and myself.

When doing editorial shoots most of the time the photographer would tell me we would be working with a stylist, each time I would find myself a tad disappointed because styling photo shoots is my favourite (oh yah, and I hope this doesn't annoy you guys but I do write English the British way since this is how I was thought. I am definitely not trying to be snobby) thing to do. That is when I realised I should put my passion to work. A few years ago I tried doing my first blog page and honestly I was too technologically challenged to keep up with it on a regular basis and I won't lie this page has been a real challenge. To avoid dealing with technology, I started writing for a Montreal blog who wanted a Toronto insight. I loved the whole experience but I think now it's time for me to spread my wings and fly. Technology is still the monster in my closet but I will face it this time.

Why My Travelling Wardrobe?

Before everything I am a Flight attendant and well my clothes travels the world with me hence why my wardrobe is travelling. My blog will NOT be on my travels but on my clothes, trends, beauty products and the fast going Toronto lifestyle. I love Travelling but my number one passion is my wardrobe. At the end of the day my travels do inspire my attire and I hope I can inspire others. As materialistic as it may seem fashion is my biggest passion and I consider it to be art and the streets of this planet are my daily runway.

Follow my wardrobe and I on our daily adventures.



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Renée Champagne
Renée Champagne
2018년 8월 20일

Loved the article very informative and funny, looking forward for many more !

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