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As much as I love talking about my wardrobe, my health is something that is very important to me. Over a year ago, I became fully vegetarian. I had practically been vegetarian for years and would only eat meat in restaurants and at peoples house. I don't know why I was closeting my personal choice to stop eating meat. I think a big part of it was the shame that people give to ''picky'' eaters; ''So what are you going to eat?''. I didn't want this to affect the choice of restaurants my friends and I would go to and trust me I can be silent about my diet and find something everywhere I go. I hate that stigma and I hate myself for even believing it. This article is not to convince anybody to follow my diet but I think the company I will share with you guys today makes something amazing for everyone but as a vegetarian always looking for healthy solutions they really won my heart.

Two weeks ago, I had the chance to receive a package from Evive. Evive is a Montreal based company whom makes smoothies and delivers them to your door step. All you need is your favourite Juice, milk or simply water to blend in their frozen fruit, vegetable and protein cubes. No blender is required which I love because there are no dishes used apart from a cup or a bottle (I hate doing dishes.) So far I've liked every single flavour I've tried but ''Pure'' really won first place. I love matcha and this smoothie is fresh, filling while light and tastes amazing.

I love that there is no hassle to figure out what mixture would taste good. So many times I've wasted expensive fruits and vegetables trying to make a tasty ''green smoothie'' or juice. At a reasonable price Evive has that all figured out for you. It also takes up no space in the freezer compared to a thousand bags of frozen fruits. I wish I was simply trying to sell you guys this product but I am really sold myself and I will purchase these from now on.

I love to encourage local businesses, being from Montreal I was drawn to this company but I was scared they wouldn't deliver to the rest of Canada. They do and it was just as quick as shipping to Montreal and came to my door still frozen. Knowing that a food product is made in my country is always reassuring. Nowadays we often don't know what we are putting in our bodies and a lot of products are made out of stuff we can't even pronounce.

I was able to get you guys a Promo code: camilletropilocal if you want to try this new discovery of mine. I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did.



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