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Gift Guide 2020

Wow, I am so original! Totally kidding! This is the most common article this season but it is also the articles I personally read the most. It allows me to discover new local shops and I love it. Also, so far, the brands I wanted to talk about haven’t been mentioned (I am very happy about that.) By the way, for me, “local” means any Canadian company. But today I tried to focus on Toronto and Montreal businesses.

@masorcierepotiere @rallyandroots

You all know how much I love unique items. Recently when I was in Montreal I fell in love with my friends' mugs. Turns out they were handcrafted in Montreal. They can be purchased on the Instagram of: @masorcierepotiere. They are mystical creations for the witchcraft lovers or simply the artistic souls.

In this pandemic, a lot of us have found a passion for plants (including myself.) I’ve been following this Toronto online planter store for a while. This lady is genuinely just as cute as her iconic planters. She is also currently hosting a plantmas giveaway on her Instagram: @rallyandroots. She writes plays on words on her minimal and aesthetic planters.

If you’ve been following me for a while you all know how much I love home DIY’s that is why I wanted to suggest this company that makes amazing home DIY candle kits. They even have kids friendly kits. If you are not into home projects no need to worry. They sell their candles on their website:

@madame_chat_atelier @haul_of_me_shop @genuinetea

I feel like I was born in the wrong era since macramé is hung on every wall of my apartment. If you love it just as much as I do, I have two lovely shops for you : @madame_chat_atelier (based in Montreal) @e.t.homemade (based in Toronto)

For the minimalist of this world I love gifting activities. However, this year things are a bit different. There's a lot of craft beer lovers out there and a lot of our local breweries are doing online orders this year. Check out @bellwoodsbeer. That’s one of my personal favourites. In my family we enjoy doing wine and beer tasting on Christmas eve.

A lot of us are lonely at home and I know my plants have kept me occupied. So why not order a beautiful plant for your loved ones: @jomostudio

It wouldn’t be a Camille article if I wouldn’t mention thrifted items. We are in lockdown here in Toronto so I know it is impossible to go to thrift stores in person. I find it hard to buy clothing as a gift unless it is oversized. For that reason, I pinpointed trinkets and furniture online thrift stores in the Toronto area: @treasured_toronto, @foundedfawnvintage, @littlexlittleabode,, @haul_of_me_shop,, @makemovesvintage, @thriftalacarte. Most of them offer curbside pick up only, so I selected online stores in the Montreal area as well: @jadismtl, @st.amourandco, @labrocante.vintage, @autre._chose, @bohoboutique.mtl,, @bois_et_emeraude, @au_pigeon_vintage

I love coffee shops but with the bad weather and the constant lockdowns I’ve invested in good quality tea and coffee to enjoy from the comfort of my couch. Here are two companies I adore and treat myself to: @genuinetea (I love their cream of Earl Grey), @twobearscoffee (I am a fan of the Frothed latte cans and salted caramel is my favourite flavour.)

I could go on and on about Canadian businesses that would make amazing holiday gifts but I will leave some to my fellow bloggers haha!!! I honestly hope this was helpful. I tried to follow what you guys had asked for; a unisex, under 30 dollars local gift guide with a twist of thrift for the ecological ones of course.



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