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Gift guide for the men in your life

That annual bittersweet feeling is back. As much as I've always been a fan of the holidays, I absolutely hate the cold and snow. My favourite thing in life is to give gifts. I almost find more joy in gifting then receiving. But often as a woman I know what to give to the special women in my life, but I always struggle with original ideas for men. After discussing this subject with a girlfriend of mine I realised I wasn't alone. So I decided to come up with a special mens gift guide for the 2018 holiday season. Maybe my ideas will be exactly what you were looking for. Or maybe I will inspire you.

The revolutionary hat. I don't know for you guys but all the men in my life are cap wearers. Whether Summer or Winter, caps are always on the menu... oups I mean part of the outfit. Well my friend owns an amazing company called Moradness; and I know I sound biased because she's my friend but I am totally in love with their new winter cap. As soon as I saw her sketches I knew I was pre-ordering at least two. Best Idea ever, I love the lumber jack print, a real classic for those hipsters out there. This hat can be purchased on , you can enjoy 25% off with Promo code cam25.

I am not one to encourage alcohol but over the holidays I often give a bottle of spirit to friends because who doesn't appreciate it? But this year I am putting aside the classic scotch bottle because Hounds Vodka came out with the coolest idea. The perfect Vodka to spike up the allure of your favourite seasonal drinks: Charcoal Vodka. From the famous charcoal toothpaste to Toronto's very first Charcoal Ice cream shop now we can drink black vodka. WHY NOT? Not only is it rich looking, it also has a velvety finish. This bottle can be purchased at the LCBO for $39,45.

For all the minimalists out there, sometimes gifting an activity is more appreciated then an object. So I decided to give you two more options for the people in your life that will appreciate an experience rather than an object. A nice romantic day at the spa with your man is for sure something that doesn’t go unnoticed. I tried to find Scandinavian spa’s in the Toronto area but apparently it isn’t a thing around here. So my spa idea becomes even more grandiose: what about a weekend getaway in the Montreal area? Being from Montreal an afternoon at the spa in the middle of the winter was part of my mid-term study ritual with my friends. A great way to relax after the craziness of the holiday festivities. There are many spas in the Montreal area. The Sky spa is beautiful during a snowy day with their outdoors rooftop pool arrangements. My other favourite is the Bota Bota spa in the old port of Montreal. Again with heated outdoor pools, simply beautiful and romantic.

My last idea is a gift that can be appreciate by your brother, father, friend, boyfriend... We all have that one person in our life that appreciates a good whiskey sour or an intricate old fashioned, so why not give them the chance to learn how to make their favourite drink? A few cool spots in Toronto host mixology classes. BareBones Bartending looks like a cool spot downtown Toronto to learn the art of mixology.

I hope I was able to inspire you with these ideas!

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