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How To Make A Change Of Career (due to the pandemic)

Have you ever thought about your life as a novel? Have you ever divided your life in chapters? I think most of us do without realising. We often say this is the start of a new chapter; when we graduate from highschool, move out of our parents house, go through a break up and so on. A year ago, like most of us, I didn’t think I would have to start a new chapter but time has passed and is passing very quickly. Again I am still desperately waiting for that phone call: “Hi Camille. You can go back to your life now!” I see my current situation as an interactive novel; you know the type of book that gives you a few possible endings. Well for now I chose one option but who knows what is coming next. I hope I can help others to take the leap because I know I am not alone. It’s scary to start something new. So if you’ve been following me for a while you must know where this article is going.

Since I started my journey as a flight attendant I always said I wanted to find a complementary career. Most flight attendants have two jobs since it is a very flexible line of work. A few years ago, I interrupted my schooling because I was not sure what I wanted to study and became a flight attendant. I found love within the travel life and with time It became so comfortable that the idea of finding something to complement my work was out of the picture. Now I have all the time in the world so going back to school seems like the best idea. The real question is: what to study? If I can give anybody advice on this one: Ask yourself what do you love? This pandemic made me realise that a lot of people hate what they do. I get it: work is work but nobody should hate their job. I always loved what I did. So it’s hard to imagine myself doing something I hate. I want to find something else that will be fulfilling and bring me happiness. They say to go back to basics and ask yourself what you loved as a kid. This will help you brainstorm. I’ve always been passionate about home decor. As a kid, I rearranged my bedroom a few times a month, I loved creating a new space. This is what inspired me to choose to study in interior design. This brainstorming will be hard but it is completely worth it.

Once you find what you want to do, find people that are in that field and ask them questions. This can be hard in this pandemic lifestyle. I was lucky enough to know someone in this field. I reached out and his advice was very useful. I also decided to research the journey of one of my favourite interior designers. HGTV is my favourite channel. I love the show ‘’Love it or List it’’ because as I’ve mentioned before I love salvaging things and I believe anything can be saved. If you’ve watched this show you know that the interior designer I am talking about is Jillian Harris. She is a Canadian designer based out of BC. I love how she makes people fall in love with their homes all over again. She is a true inspiration of mine. I think people are quick to want new and I want to normalise repurposing an older home. I’ve secretly always dreamed of having my own show on HGTV.

My last tip is to research how to get to your goal. Not all careers are straight forward when it comes to study. If you are looking for a new career I suggest you research your options on how to get to your goal. For myself, I knew I had a few criteria. I wanted a course that would allow me to work at the same time or that would allow me to go back to work when they called me. This is why I ended up choosing an evening online certificate in interior design.

Finally, take the leap. You will cry, you will eat some ice cream but pressing “send” on that first school payment will be a relief and will bring you hope for a brighter future.

Good luck



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