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Hunting Toronto's coffee shops

I find pleasure in being different. As a kid I was bullied for being different whether it was the fact that I had curly hair or wearing girly outfits or even eating ethnic foods... I think with time it kinda became my signature thing and I ended up cherishing that I stand out from the crowd. All this to say that I love hunting new places that nobody has been too. I've been to those hyped coffee shops and I am always let down by the crowds and the average lattes. I decided to share with you guys the worthy but under-talked coffee shops of Toronto. So first how do I find these places? Honestly I acquired this ''hunting skill'' while travelling. Google is the humans best friend, literally. I often open google maps in the area I am in and just look at everything that is surrounding me. Usually coffee shops, restaurants and bars are indicated by an orange arrow. I also just type ''near me'' in the search bar of google. I know, nothing new eh? but still that’s how I find most cool spots. After this lame tip (haha) here are four cool coffee shops you should visit:

This first spot I want to share with you guys is the Spark Fresh Bar. This place is located in Christie Pitts which is one of my favourite areas for coffee shops and bars in Toronto. I went to this place for lunch with my best friend, we had the place to ourselves and we couldn't believe there wasn't a line up the door. The food was to die for and the lattes were tasty. This visit was before work so we couldn't enjoy their cocktail list, but next time the coffee martini will be on the menu.

The second spot I felt like sharing today is the Hibiscus Cafe located in Kensington Market. My vegan friend was in town and I was researching places to go to. This cafe has a full vegetarian crèpe menu with some vegan options and amazing coffee. Kensington Market is always a spot I love bringing outsiders. Such an artistic neighbourhood and I could honestly share a few more coffee shops from this area but this one is my favourite. The crèpes are not only good but also eye pleasing. The shop itself is quite small but feels very cozy.

The third spot I had to share with you guys is a unique place called Slanted Door. Slanted Door is not only a coffee shop but also a art exhibition. This place I didn't research. I was walking on Bloor Street and came across what I thought was a store filled with people and art so I walked in. To my surprise it was a coffee shop. I went to this place twice and both times were great. I love how bright the space is, it's perfect for getting some work done. Most coffee shops are dark and cozy and I never end up being very productive.

Last but not least; May Flowers. This shop has a special place in my heart. These ladies invited me to their coffee shop to enjoy a latte and the greenery. The May Flowers was first and foremost a flower shop, about a year ago they added the coffee shop portion to their work space. What more can you ask for drinking a latte while surrounded by flowers? If you are hunting a ''instaworthy'' location, well this is it.

As a little bonus, I felt compelled to share this final coffee shop: Bob. I had only planed to share four spots and then this one came to mind and I realised I couldn't skip it. Bob Coffee Bar is a place I discovered while being in an Uber. This is actually another tool I use to find cool places to go to. I am one of those people that gets car sick. Looking out the window, instead of staring at my phone makes me feel better and now my car sickness actually helps me hunt and take note of store fronts. I love Bob Coffee Bar, each time I visited this place there was 80's music playing and really cool barista's.

If you haven't visited these Toronto coffee shops, I hope you will soon. If I forgot your favourite spot, please leave it in the comment section bellow. Now that I've shared my coffee shop musts, would you guys like to hear about my cocktail bar discoveries?

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