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My Daily Skin Care Routine

About 6 months ago I attended a Shoppers Drugmart event. This event was intended to show us new skin care products coming to our local Shoppers Drugmart pharmacies. There was multiple specialists on the spot to show us how to introduce these new products in our daily skincare routine. During this event I had the chance to meet up with a skin specialists whom helped me figure out what would be the best product selection for my skincare routine. It is important to understand that everyone needs different products and our skin doesn't react the same way. I decided to wait until I had used the totality of each product to share an honest review with you guys. So I wanted to share my favourite products and which ones had made their way in my skin care routine because I think it takes more then a week to figure out if a product suits your skin or not. Again please take note that these products were selected for my skin type and may not be the best products for yours. I think it is important to share that my skin is dry, thin, not prone to acne, scars easily and cracks a lot in the winter time. If you can relay to my skin type maybe these products will be just as good for you and it's always possible to ask questions to your beauty specialist in your local Shoppers.

So first things first Serum. Serum is the new thing, it isn't a new product but it is a trendy one that's for sure. The specialist helping me suggested I use the Vichy water base Serum (Mineral 89). Honestly I have tried the product and I like it but I like the one I was using before better so I have stuck to my No7 Serum. This serum can also be purchased at Shoppers and is a UK product that I have grand respect for.

Hydrate, HYDRATE,

HYYYDDDDDRRRRAAAATTEE... So then the specialist suggested the Clinique Moisture Surge Cream. Honestly it is one of the best cream I have ever used. I have very sensitive skin and scented creams bother me, this one is unscented and very light. Perfect cream to apply before makeup (because yes you should always hydrate when wearing foundation.) Clinique is one of those cosmetic companies that I have grand respect for; quality products for a reasonable price. This cream has definitely replaced the Aveeno cream that I had been using for the longest time.

Primer... As a day to day makeup wearer I think primer is one of those things that I've tried in so many brands, shapes and textures. Some are too greasy, then some dried up my skin, I literally could never find the perfect balance. Before going to this event I was in one of those transition period and was using my face cream as a primer so I was literally skipping a step. I got suggested the anti-wrinkle line blur by Strivetrin. I think it's one of the most amazing product I have ever been suggested. I consulted so many make up artists in beauty stores asking what was there best makeup primer and I have spent so much money on products that don't work. This one is worth the money and I have bought a second tube since this event.

Last but not least skin oil. Do you guys apply oil on your skin at night? As much as your brain is recuperating your whole body is as well. I've always applied Argan oil and recently Jojoba oil. The specialist said these were good options but suggested Lise Watier Sublimessence Nuit. I personally didn't like this product. My skin is sensitive and I felt like the scent was overwhelming and chemical. Again this is a personal opinion and you guys may adore this product.

To recap this event was very successful because I did replace two products from my daily routine with products that were suggested by a specialist. I hope my reviews were helpful and encouraged you guys to ask question at your local Shoppers Drugmart. The people that work in the beauty shop have great knowledge and are there to help you with your product selection.



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1 Comment

Renée Champagne
Renée Champagne
Aug 28, 2018

Loved your article, very informative and fun to read 👍🏻

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