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My Holiday outfit

Two days before Christmas!!?!?@#!!!!!&

I saw a few posts on Instagram where some ladies were still unsure of their Holiday outfits. I don't think you guys need help or reassurance, I think you need to know your body and believe in what you love. There are two types of ladies when it comes to fashion. The woman that is good at recreating a style they saw on the mannequin and the women that sees potential in something unique. If you like to take chances inspire yourself from the big stores but go shopping in vintage shops. Save money and be innovative. This year I am not spending the Holidays with my family since I have to work over Christmas and New years (and they live a 6 hours drive away.) But we did take the time to celebrate at the beginning of December (when there was snow and it actually felt like Christmas, just saying.) I decided to share with you guys my festive look, maybe it can inspire those last minute shoppers.

So now that I am over my motivational speech here is the story of my holiday outfit. This is a fun story I felt like sharing with you guys. About three months ago I was on Vacation in Los Angeles. Per usual, I hunted vintage shops. There was one that stood out from all the others, because it was a literal treasure box. I often hear people say they have to be in the ''mOOOOd'' to shop at places like Winners well, I have to be in the mood to vintage shop. I find vintage stores challenge my imagination but that's why I love them. I spent a total of 2 hours in this shop and I found my Holiday outfit. So here is how it went down. There was three teenagers looking for their Halloween costumes. One of the girls pulled out this jumpsuit and started laughing. I turned around at that exact moment and from five meters away it was love at first sight (between the jumpsuit and I, if it wasn't clear haha.) She held on to it for what felt like an eternity because I knew in her head she was debating if she liked it or not. I didn't have to do any thinking, I knew I loved it. As soon as she hung it back on the rack, I rushed and grabbed it. She saw me starring at her and she must've thought I was a crazy person. The real question was will this even fit. Got into a fighting room, put it on and not to brag but it was made for me. As I got out of the fighting room to show my best friend, the three girls whom had found my holiday outfit were making their way in the changing area. They saw me wearing what they thought was ugly on the rack. The girl that was originally holding on to this jumpsuit, looked at her friends and said; told you this would look amazing.

The moral of this story is if your in a vintage shop and find something you are not sure about, grab it and try it. Most people are scared to get out of their comfort zone or simply to think about loving something different. Now hurry up, you still have 48hours to find your Christmas outfit and 9 days to find the one for New Years.

Love you all

Happy Holidays XO C.

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23 de dez. de 2018

Loved it again ! 😊

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