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My Winter #Selfcare must-haves

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

I was born and raised in Canada... Not Antarctica, or maybe I’m mistaken? The so called "polar vortex" has been real. I have never experienced something like this but I mean we all have been going through it so I we will skip the part of me complaining on how cold it has been. The real question is: what has the cold been doing to our skin? I already have dry skin but this is next level. Whether you have a dry skin type, mixed, oily... the cold is affecting all of us differently. I was lucky enough to be gifted some products for consideration from Shoppers Drug Mart.  Today, I am sharing with you guys a few of my winter must have self-care products.

As you may have seen on my Instagram story, I shared my joy when receiving hand masks and nail polish in my Shoppers Drug Mart package. My hands have been suffering since I wash them often and I rarely wear gloves (I know I should.) The Life Brand hand mask left my hands so smooth and hydrated, I should definitely add this step to my weekly home manicure. Reasonably priced at around $4.99. I’m already a regular of their under eye patch. If you haven't tried them... it is a must! I then used the QUO by ORLY Breathable treatment and color nail polish. I applied two coats but I could of stopped at one. It is so thick and rich, I love it, it looks like I just paid for a $40 shellac manicure. On my pictures I am wearing Sheer Luck.

The next two products I wanted to review today are now part of my daily routine. Needless to say... I love them. They have made their way into my travel amenity bag so, they speak for them self. A lot of the products from Indeed Laboratories are made in North America which is something I look for when purchasing skincare products. Before writing my review I used these two products for over a week to give you guys a true review. in my opinion, Indeed Laboratories produces cosmetics comparable to Ordinary products and for the most part made right here in North America! If you like the Ordinary products you should definitely give a try to Indeed. I appreciate that their products are easily accessible since they are sold in all Shoppers Drug Marts. My skin, like most skin becomes red with the cold. For this reason I fell in love with the Nanoblur colour protector. This product can be worn by itself, but I Iove to apply it before my makeup primer. It’s very hydrating and light. It is reasonably priced at $16.99. The second product I have been using is the Indeed Squalane lightweight facial oil. When I first posted about this product, I received a concerned message that this may be a shark derived product. But NOOOOO this squalane oil is 100% sugar cane derived, and made in the USA. Yes, this is something else I look for when purchasing products. If they have any animal products or byproducts. This facial oil is very hydrating and I have been applying it before bed every night, it is priced at $19.99.

I hope I was able to inspire your winter skin care routine! Feel free to comment below with any questions regarding these products. Know that I would not suggest something I don’t personally like as skincare is something I do not take light!

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