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Never Will I Ever

I think we are quick to say ''I will never'' do this or that. Guilty as charged. Lately I realised that often we are not ready for what is coming for us (Hmm, hmm: covid-19). At each new experiences we have a chance to break the ''never will I ever'' because how can we know how we are gonna react when a new experience is presented to us. Well if you've been following me for a while you know how I DO NOT SHOP ONLINE. I will occasionally buy some unique products, decorations and bathing suits from Zaful on the web but I had promised myself I would never buy clothes for multiple reasons. Firstly, I enjoy shopping wayyyyyyy to much. Secondly, I mostly make ethical choices when shopping and what I mean by that is strictly thrift shopping. Thirdly, I like good quality at a cheap price. Fourthly, I NEVER KNOW MY SIZE.

So, if I am writing this it's because I broke my never will I ever. I SHOPPED ONLINE. I mean it's not like I robbed a bank or something but that's how I felt. Out of principle when I say something I usually stick to it but like they say only crazy people don't change their mind. So, I don't need to go in details on how this happened... we all know what's the global situation at the minute. I already knew I had a shopping addiction but now I realised, I am a shopaholic and totally deserve the title. Grocery shopping isn't satisfying my addiction. 4 weeks of quarantine, 48 open baskets and two glasses of pinot grigio later, I made the decision to take out my credit card and check out from one of these baskets. The Boohoo website basket won from the lot (there was no duty charges so this is how it made the final cut.)

As of now while I am writing this, I haven't received my order yet. And I will wait to publish this article until I have my order in hand because I also want to give you guys an honest review on the clothing itself. But so far here is my opinion and here is why I will most likely not order online again. Without having my products in hand I can tell you I am not liking my experience and this has nothing to do with the company I ordered from. It solely has to do with the fact that I am impatient and shopping online isn't satisfying. By the time I will receive this order I will already have 10 other opened baskets because I love the immediate high when shopping. I mean if you are a shopaholic you'll totally get what I am saying and well if you are not, go ahead and judge me.

For this last paragraph, I have now received my order and the verdict is that I quite like what I received. But to be completely honest I don't think I would’ve bought any of these pieces if I would have tried them is store. The sizing isn't perfect (which I totally expected), some of the articles are see through, and by the time it got here the clothes wasn't weather appropriate. On a positive note my order motivated me to publish my first TikTok video. If you'd like to watch me ridicule myself with my technologically challenged a** check out @cams_travelling_wardrobe on TikTok.  So the final verdict is that I will not order from Boohoo again. But if this situation lasts longer I may give in to another website.

That is why I want to know what are your favourite online stores?

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