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A few years ago I met with Paula the owner and designer behind Nopaulagies. Paula and I bonded the very first second we started talking. I love her bubbly artistic Personality. She is everything I would imagine of a designer, eclectic, unique and passionate. Not only did I get along with her but I also connected with her brand. As much as I love editorial fashion that I enjoy simplicity and minimalism. I have collaborated with Paula before and now I am lucky to share some of her new designs from her current collection with you guys.

The Nopaulagies brand is from Toronto and I would describe it as a minimalistic clothing brand. As much as I would categorise their clothing as yoga wear, I haven't practiced yoga in years and I wear their shirts on a daily basis with ripped jeans or even clean pants. I feel like anybody can connect with the designs whether you are a yogi or not, because this brand is all about play on words and women empowerment. The high quality of these shirts is incredible. I've never worn something softer then this. I also love the fact that they are made in North America.

So today, I wanted to share the two designs I picked from the new Nopaulagies collection. These designs spoke to me in many ways, I was immediately drawn by the ''voyAGE'' shirt. Voyage is an old french word that was originally written ''voiage'', it is a Latin based word that means journey. This word is now used in English and is very important to me in many ways. Yes, I am french and Latin based words have always been something very fascinating to me (nerd over here.) Travelling is my life and and the word ''voyage'' in modern french has deviated to a slightly different meaning and is used when someone is referring to travel or trip. Hence why I saw more then one connection to this word. By putting an emphasis on the word ''age'' Paula created another meaning to this word that I had never thought of. I traveled a lot and travelling made me grow as a person hence why I see the connection with the journey of age. I don't know if this is the meaning behind her design but this is how deep I connected to one simple word. I find Paula always creates a message behind her designs even when it's a simple word like ''voyage''.

The second design I chose is the ''perSISTERS'' shirt. Not only did I like the sleeveless shirt cut of this design I also once again loved the play on words that was created. The discrete message of feminism is exactly what I embrace. I hate when something is too straight forward and this is a soft way to share that you are there for the other women of this world, your sisters.

On this note I hope you take the time to check out paula's webiste . I also wanted to say that I will only share brands that I truly love on my blog and that I think are worth sharing with the world. I encourage brands that value the same thing I try to preach on my day to day life hence why I feel very close to a brand like Nopaulagies. I was also able to get you guys a discount code for their website: CAMILLE15. I hope you find that design that speaks to you.

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Renée Champagne
Renée Champagne
Sep 13, 2018

Really interesting made me want to go check them out !!!

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