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Plan B (not the one you’re thinking about)

After my last article, someone told me I should get into creative writing because my articles were written in a different perspective. First, wow thanks! Second, I will consider it! Third...3, 2, 1, I decided to write weekly articles starting TODAY. Since I was a kid, my goal was to leave a mark down here (on planet earth, if that wasn’t clear) and I mean I tried in so many ways. Maybe I didn’t try enough, too much or perhaps it wasn’t my calling. Competitive sports; check, art; check, modelling; check, content creation; check… what is left? To be completely honest my goal isn’t fame because what is fame? This weekend I came across a mini documentary on Brittany Broski’s aka the Kombucha girl on Buzz Feed and realised how fame was ridiculous. She literally did a funny TikTok video of her tasting Kombucha and her face became a meme. It destroyed her career as a banker but created so many different opportunities instead. So I mean a needle in a haystack. Good for her and I actually find her hilarious! Maybe I won’t be famous but at least I will leave my thoughts in writing over here; in the cyber world.

That was a big parentheses to explain why I have so much time on my hands to start writing more frequently. So you already know how I (temporarily) lost the love of my life; my job as a flight attendant and If you didn’t, I went all over that in my last article. I do have more time than usual, since I am not traveling the world. When I get back to it (because I will), I decided I would take the time to write more because I am working really hard on leaving a mark haha. A lot of people have been asking; what is your plan B? I mean... who needs a plan B when they weren’t planning on escaping at any time soon?&?&? If you have a plan B, well clearly your plan A didn’t satisfy you, right? I never thought I had to have a plan B. I had jokingly always said; if for some reason or another I loose my job I am moving to London England (not Ontario.) But now, if I say that they will tell me there's a pandemic; sooooo do I have a plan B to my plan B? My answer is NOO haha, who does that? Have I lost you already?

There are so many things we are told as a kid; don’t judge a book by it’s cover, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, we will cross that bridge when we get there, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, money doesn’t make happiness… I mean; I judge books by their covers, I throw stones, I cross the bridge before I get there, I clearly put all my eggs in one basket haha but before today I had never realised how to some extent money does make happiness. We don’t realise that until we have NONE. Again, I am not complaining, some people are in worse situations then I am but I could be in a better place. I have a roof over my head, some clothes (too much clothes haha) and still a few dry goods to feed me. But it’s truly when you are in a situation like this one that you realise: LIFE WAS SOOO GOOD. I was always that frugal person. The one thing I would never be frugal on was food because we should never be cheap on what we put in our body. Last week, I stood in front of the cheese counter at the grocery store (yes I am French) realising I couldn’t splurge on the good stuff anymore. Who knew Emmental cheese was a luxury? It’s when you stand in a thrift store and second hand goods are unaffordable that you realise life isn’t easy. In a place like Toronto where rent is ¾ of your salary, money is unfortunately not only happiness but a necessity. How did we get here? In a place where we live to work not work to live (yes!!!!! a Netflix original ‘’Emily in Paris’’ quote!) In these hard times a lot of people have benefitted from the situation but a lot of us have been left in a hard place. Next time you find yourself asking someone what their plan B is, maybe get them a piece of Emmental cheese instead and think about yours!



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