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Rehydration 101 with Dr. Belmeur

I'm the type of person that usually fixes a problem instead of preventing one. I could've prevented the current state of my skin last fall by having a healthy skin care routine. Instead I decided to try and forget what dry skin felt like. This winter I did a few sheet masks here and there and convinced myself that I was doing enough to rehydrate my poor face. But guess what? Hydrating your skin takes more than a 10 minute sheet mask over a glass of wine. Last week I was gifted the Mr. Belmeur skincare collection by the Face Shop Canada. This skincare collection is a winter survival kit, and it consists of five products: cleanser, toner, cica peptide ampoule, moisturizer and a spot calming plaster band. Today, in this blog post I wanted to share my detailed experience with these ones.

So first, I have to say, I wish I had started this routine months ago. I have very sensitive dry skin and finding products that suit my skin type is really hard. When a product doesn't suit me, I know right away because I get this burning sensation in my face and sometimes it leaves my skin red. I am very pleased with the Dr. Belmeur line since I haven't experienced any of these unpleasant symptoms while using each of the five products. So now that we went over my skin type, here is how the experience went. As soon as I opened the package I was overly excited by the toner because I've always been a fanatic of toners. I have to be honest, the first day I received the Dr. Belmeur collection I didn't follow their winter survival guide and simply went on to use the toner. I knew that if I'd enjoy their toner I would probably love the whole line.

The second day I was a good student and followed the guideline to the T. The first step was the Cleanser. I usually do not use cleansers and simply wash my face with micellar water which I know is not ideal. Most cleansers I have used in the past left my face dry, the repair foam cleanser by the Face Shop left my face so smooth. The second step was the toner which you guys already know I am a fan of. The third step was the cica peptide ampoule. I had never used a product like this one and I liked the smell and texture of it. It feels oily but doesn't leave your skin greasy and gross. The fourth step is the recovery cream. The cream almost feels like a gel, it is soothing and refreshing. After these four steps I must say that my skin felt pretty hydrated. The fifth step, which is optional, is the clarifying spot plaster bands. I didn't think I would get the chance to try this one because I rarely get break-outs... but looks like my skin wanted to try every product I had received (haha). So I did get a breakout and used the spot calming plaster band at night before bed. It stopped me from touching my face at night and it’s supposed to stop bacteria from entering. Maybe it's in my head but my blemishes seem to have disappeared faster than usual.

Overall, I think this routine was made for me and I will continue these four steps morning and night. My skin definitely is better than it used to be. I recommend that you check out the Face Shops’ line. No matter your skin type, I’m sure they have something that will suit your needs!

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Renée Champagne
Renée Champagne
Mar 26, 2019

Really interesting thanks ! 😻

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